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About Us

Ace Catering & Banquets was started in 2000 as a small pizza kitchen and catering service called Portside Grill and Pizzeria in Whiting, Indiana. At the time, Company Founder, Ray Kosinski and one other employee were the entire staff.

Over time, Ray began to cater small events and banquets locally. He began to expand his business and, in 2002, an acquaintance of his, Lou Saenz, signed on as a qualified business partner. It was at this time that they decided to re-name the company Ace Catering & Banquets.

Ray and Lou then began to acquire banquet facilities which now total seven in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas. They also run the Kacey's Restaurant, specializing in Steak and Seafood, at the Lansing, Illinois Knights of Columbus. (Lakeside picnic grounds are also available at this location as are banquet facilities.)

Ray and Lou have an extensive background in the catering industry and continue to perfect their craft. They are known for their excellence in food quality, original recipes, homemade cuisine, large portion sizes and affordable pricing. They specialize in versatility and authenticity of ethnic menus and offer a variety of packages including: Polish, Greek, Italian and Hispanic. Others are available upon request. Ray and Lou pride themselves on accommodating specific needs to ensure fine dining and exceptional service.

Since expanding, Ray and Lou now have a full staff of over fifty employees. Their staff includes talented chefs, a professional wait staff and licensed and trained bartenders. They are known for their professionalism and great reputation. One can always depend on a relaxed, professional atmosphere throughout the duration of any event that Ace staffs and serves.

Most importantly, you can always count on consistency from Ace Catering & Banquets and its staff. These two dedicated men are so committed to quality and uniformity that they do a great deal of cooking themselves. They constantly monitor food preparation to ensure a consistent product to all of their clients. Whether there is an event of fifty or five hundred or more guests one can rest assured performance is at 100% in all areas of their service.

Ace Catering & Banquets provides a full range of food services from private family barbeques to large corporate events to formal Black-Tie affairs. Ray and Lou pride themselves on being able to meet ALL of their clients needs and always perform to 100% of their abilities. They have even taken part as vendors at the famed Pierogi Festival in Whiting, Indiana which was highlighted and broadcast on the Food Network across the country and overseas!

In the past five years, Ray and Lou have gone from being acquaintances, to being business partners, to becoming great friends. They continue to develop new, innovative ideas to expand their expertise. Their dedication and commitment to their business is apparent to all who know them. They are dependable and accommodating, but most of all efficient. They never compromise the quality of food or service for any reason. They meet the needs of their guests always and extend that thoughtfulness and care to their employees as well. They truly are one-of-a-kind and that shows through in their respect for Ace Catering & Banquets.

Surely they will continue to aspire for excellence and always have a continuing goal: to provide exceptional food service at affordable prices for all of their future clients and guests. For Ray and Lou, this isn’t work. This is doing what they love.

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